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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 4, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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your e-mails include john telling us that he is baffled about fixing social security. he says pass a law stopping the payroll taxes from going into the general fund. sometimes those guys just every pass. mark says the age for social security needs to be raised. that is the only way to solve it. finally, the lunchbox cops are targeting fried foods. cafeterias will no longer serve 100,000 workers fried chicken, concise, fried fish, and help these workers cope, the usda has hired a full-time dietitian on
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site. of course, we were paying for it is taxpayers. here is the best part. this whole plan is only for a few buildings. if workers want some french fries, they just have to walk a block to the energy department where the french writers are still bubbling. that is my "two cents more". that is all we have for tonight. we will see you back tomorrow. lou: good evening, everybody. the president today spending political capital by the bucket full. pushing hard for gun control. despite the fact that the murder rate in america has dropped to a 50 year low. he called for more and higher taxes, despite the fat federal spending is out of control.
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today, the dow jones industrial posted the is loss of the year. we begin the gun control lobby very the murder rate has fallen, a rate that has not been seen since 1963. president obama took his campaign to minneapolis. a city that he wants to highlight. its murder rate has fallen 15% over the last five years. they are down 15%, but almost twice the national murder rate. for all of that, president obama spent hours in air force one, was on the ground barely two hours, and then got back on the plane. it cost taxpayers millions of dollars for him to travel for his speech about gun violence.
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minneapolis with the murder rate nearly twice the national, all of this happening after the president dropped into nevada for a couple of hours. there he delivered a 20 minute campaign speech on immigration. at a cost of more than $1.5 million of taxpayers money. the president claiming broad support for his initiatives of gun control. but he has offered no specific proposals at all. >> we have been able to ta some steps of administrative action. real and lasting change also requires congress to do its part and to do it soon. not to wait. the good news is that we are starting to be a consensus emerge about the action that congress needs to take. lou: you have to wonder how safe the communities i were the president wants with all of those badges and law enforcement officers behind him as props.
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i'm sure that it worked out fine. mr. president, but what consensus are you referring to? the consensus is to support the second amendment. the latest fox poll shows more than 70% of americans do not believe that stricter gun control laws would stop incidents like sandy hook elementary. the latest pew research poll does not support his assertion of the so-called consensus. fewer than four in 10 people agree with president obama on limiting gun rights. the president's comments come one day after majority leader harry reid said that he wants to get something done on guns. just what the pro-democrat means is up for interpretation. it may add up to nothing at all politically. mike emanuel has our report. >> president obama went to minneapolis hoping to build support for what he believes are
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common sense proposals to reduce gun violence. he chose minneapolis to spotlight steps it has taken. >> the city came together. we've launched a series of initiatives that have reduced the number of young people injured by ns by 40%. reporter: mr. obama asked the american people to take action. >> we do not have to agree on everything to agree that it is time to do something. the vast majority of americans, including a majority of gun owners, support requiring criminal background checks for anyone trying to purchase a gun. reporter: to the nra says it will turn into a registry of law-abiding people. >> it will never be universal. the criminals will not comply with it. they could care less. reporter: this super bowl ad, in part funded by michael
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bloomberg, goes after the nra for being for background checks. >> i have become convinced after fighting to get the records computerized for 20 years, watching the mental-health lobby and the ama opposing it -- i don't think it's going to happen. reporter: the big question is how far harry reid is willing to go. he has signaled he is willing to put a bill in the senate, but also has a pro-gun voting record. >> i didn't vote for assault weapons last time, but i will take a look at it. i think we need to take a look at it. federal federal trafficking, i think that everyone acknowledges we should do something for backound checks. reporter: after president obama says he does skeet shooting at camp david all the time, he enjoys competing with friends.
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it will impose stronger penalties for stock purchases. it is not clear how far the house is willing to go in president's proposal if at all. lou: mike emanuel, thank you. our chief congressional correspondent. our first guest tonight says that nablus may have seen a decline in murders, this to be his doing so without any laws that infringe upon the second amendment. joining us now is the research director at the athens institute . let's start with minneapolis. do you think that they have improved? we would like to point out again that minneapolis has almost twice the murder rate as the national average.
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>> yes, but that is better than it used to be around 1996. he made a lot of progress. as the president said, a variety of programs to try to keep young people from joining gangs. some of those have been successful. secondly, the state of minnesota enacted one of the strongest right to carry laws in 2003. that is an example of how you could have strong laws to protect gun rights. and you can have laws to take action without infringing second amendment rights. lou: why is that so difficult for the left and those who are strong advocate of limiting second amendment rights? why is it so difficult for them to absorb? it is, as the outgoing secretary of state, former secretary of state hillary clinton put it, we
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live in an empirically-based world. those facts are on the table for all of us to affect. >> i think some on the left, there is a moral opposition for citizen gun ownership. a culture war against the kind of people who they think own guns. some of them are what i call pacifists progressives. those that have a pacifist morality for whatever reason. and they want to use the government to make everyone else live that way. lou: if i may share this, one of president obama's remarks today. he said that weapons of war have no place on our streets or in our schools. they are threatening our law enffrcement officers. our law enforcement officers should never be outgunned on the streets. i do not believe that there is anyone in the country that would argue this way that was against it. the fact is he doesn't use the language of assault weapons.
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he talks about them as weapons of war, when in fact, they are demonstrably not. these are semi- automatic rifles. rifles kill fewer people over the last year and have clubs and hammers, for crying out loud. but these realities escaped the advocates who seek to diminish our rights in this country. >> they keep on saying it, as you say, they self-loading iron, a semi- automatic firearm is just like every other normal firearm. you press the trigger once and one bullet comes ot. the president is trying to deceive people into thinking that these are machine guns, military guns, which they are not.
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the police would be out on tt they can have machine guns, but they are not. these are guns are just like regular guns. to some people they look like machine guns, and that is the whole source of the confusion and really the deliberate hoax. lou: outrageously to me, david, this president when he says that our law enforcement officers should never be outgunned on the street, and community after community, they are. they are not outgunned by citizens but drug cartels come again members, and the citizen in this country seems to be an afterthought to this president. just like he said that no law-enforcement officer should be outgunned, if you think this thing that citizens should be
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outgunned? >> he believes that they are good for what the supreme court said, which is self-defense. a police officer today as a standard down with a standard capacity magazine, lebanon to 19 rounds, in that patrol car, you will sometimes find an error -- ar-15 gun. but they are carrying them for the law protection of the health and others. lou: david, it's great to talk with you. thank you so much. come back soon. president obama will return to immigration reform tomorrow.
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meeting with labor and progressive leaders and a number of eeo's about his plans to push a bipartisan bill, as the white house calls it, through congress this year. senator chuck schumer saying that janet napolitano would be the one person responsible for determining whether order security is strong enough to allow a pathway to citizenship. that put him at odds with senator marco rubio and others on the so-called bipartisan gang of eight. senator rubio said local officials and law enforcement should play an important role in making that determination. while senator schumer pushes for the immigration plan that includes a commission of officials on the southwest border to make recommendations on the security of the border. senator marco rubio's office tells us that this is beg negotiated with a bipartisan
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senate group. chicago blaming evebody but, of course, the mayor. more on the murder capital of amica and tonight "chalk talk." forget 14,000. we are talking 15,000 with bedford oak advisors chairman harvey eisen is coming up
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lou: the wall street selloff of the year. harvey eisen will join us in just moments. the s&p 500 hit five-year highs when the dow jones regained a
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1500 level. a lot of people thought happy trails a head. the dow dropping 30 points today, the s&p down 17.5. the nasdaq is lower by 48. just about 3.4 billion shares. netflix fighting the trend and doing well. rising $10 per share on prospects of strong subscriber growth, closing up $174. that stock was down. treasury's 10 year dropping back below 2% to yield of 1.97%. the commodities market, crude oil is down. gold is up. the justice department attorney general is expecting to file charges against standard & poor's. it has to do with debt
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obligations before the financial crisis. the first enforcement action against any of the credit ratings firms, all of which have been blamed in part in varying degrees for contributing in 2000-acre in my next guest says the markets are overextended and due for something of a pullback. joining us for a look is harvey eisen comment ceo of deptford oak advisors. great to have you here. 130 points, the worst selloff of the year you mean, that is a mild adjustment. what do you think that we have in store? >> the data that we keep tells us you have pullback. see you can get a three to 5% pullback minium. lou: do think that there is a straight line in front of us?
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a straight line and higher? >> that is what the data shows. institutions -- that's the way the game works. lou: we are looking at 10% replacement of one of be that total outflow of the last four years. that is a strong performance. do you using the little league? >> i don't think it is, the fed has dictated in the money supply is growing out of control. they will keep the pedal to the floor. lou: would a correction of three
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to 5% be adequate? >> i have been at this game long enough that i don't know the answer to that. but i look at the data and three to five is normal, five to eight is a little tougher. you need to have people say, this has gotten scary. lou: i'm hearing a lot of people saying that spain and italy, imagine that corruption -- or ann other part of europe. i don't see the role as we did a year ago when everyone was sort of holding their breath with every day. what is your take? >> the dollar is at a new low versus the euro. you cannot make this stuff up. what are they thinking about?
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[laughter] lou:the dollar is at a new low. interest rates are still low. very low. do you think there is any possibility that we will see rates rise? we are looking at almost 2% 10 year note. good heavens. a problem that we had is the federal reserve has slow economic coverage. high unemployment in this country, no inflation. >> what they are doing with the money supply would be a legal in any other business. lou: i know this is such a pasée common, do you have any view in the guard to what to expect with the s&p 500, earnings prospects, and what multiple we can look at the rest of this year? >> it is very interesting. the market is threatening a high of five years. the only problem is that the earnings are 20% higher than they were five years ago. it is unbelievable how cheap these things are. the answer is yes. if you look at the earnings
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everyday, basically 75% of all companies are beating the street estimates. the economy is doing better. earnings are going up. lou: we are coming through this report of not so good. do you see the economy growing? >> the good news is the economy is growing. but the bad news it is such a slow rate, a glacier like speed. but that is great news for the market. because that allows the fed to keep lumping the money. lou: harvey eisen, it is great to have you here. >> thank you. lou: turning to the box office. a romantic comedy featuring a zombie heartthrob.
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"warm bodies" earni $20 million in its opening weekend. younger audiences accounting for 65% of those ticket ssales. coming in fourth is "hansel and gretel", and then "silver linings playbook." so the super bowl on a power outage. they believe that it was caused due to the superdome's electrical system. no one knows who and what is responsible. it may take days to actually verify the most recent explanation.
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we have now moved from super bowl blackout to acknowledging responsibility, even outside washington dc. i'm next, the mayor of the murder capital of america america. we will outline it in the "chalk talk" next. and the escalating violence has jesse jackson calling for law.
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the. ♪ >> we have not won anything until the kid can go to the school thinking of their studies and not their safety. we need safer streets, and all our communities to not want to
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see another child's name on a memorial killed by gunfire lots. [applause] lou: of course, that is exactly what has been seen since that election was won back in february from three let -- 2011. he said the right thing, and he meant it, pledging to fight and violence. unfortunately chicago is now the murder capit of its -- this country. forty-two people the been killed this year. forty-two people. they are on track to match last year, whic was a deadly, deadly performance. it is the deadliest january since 2002. there were 506 people, as i said temecula in chicago last year. 506. 506 people killed. that is up 17% from the previous
10:30 pm
year when the mayor took office. by comparison, new york had 414. new york had 414 murders, and it has a population three times that of chicago. i will -- you will be shocked at how many people are getting away with murder in chicago. according to chicago police statistics 34%, 34 percent of murders there get solved within the calendar year in which they occur. if you give detectives in chicago two years, barely 50 percent, barely 50 percent get solved. that is right. if you have a 50-50 shot of getting away with murder in the@ 50 city compared to a nationwide raid, 64 percent of murder cases are solved nationwide in the first year, 64%. new york 60%. but instead of going after the gang bangers, the gainers, the bad guys behind gun violence
10:31 pm
mayor emanuel has chosen to go after the gun manufacturers, making all sorts of statements, trying to coerce banks that do business with the gun manufacturers and mutual funds that invest in pension funds and invest in dan manufacturers instead of going after the criminals and illegal guns. the mayor is issuing a proposal to require citizens to report private sales instead of doing something to tackle that 27illion in unfunded pension by -- liabilities. chicago municipal employees' and teache' funds just voted to divest more than a million dollars from the funds in three companies that manufacture rifles, extremely successful companies to buy the light. the mayor playing games, and by the way, he is not alone in this. it is happening across the country and in washington d.c. the reality is, along with these games are played the more time
10:32 pm
we give to chicagos gangs and to other criminals all across this country and chicago residents certainly don't care who does business with what bank. you, folks in washington, around the country had the responsibility save us the speeches and the posturing and do the hard work to get this prlem solved. the voice of business loud and clear, front and center in the super bowl, clydesdales, supermodels comedies kissing, trucks and farmers. it's all good. or is it? psychologist join me next. it's one of climate change his biggest myths. the polar bears disappearing as the ice caps melt. the truth about our furry friends next. ♪ president obama's latest push for and control, no facts, no
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details, no specifics, lots of ambiguity. sound familiar? the "a-team" joins us here next. ♪ at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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♪ lou: authors sac under learning the hard way to do relentlessly research when writing a book. he moved his family to manitoba. he went there to read the definitive book on how man-made global warming is destroying polar bear habitats and leading to their extension. he found a problem when he did his research. polar bears are not dying off. the erin estimated 2,025,000 polar bears worldwide, nearly double the number in the 1970's. well, joining me now, the "a-team," author, radio talk-show host, fox is contributor, pulitzer prize-winning journalist, a
10:37 pm
pulitzer prize-winning journalist with the new york post. all of the hysteria that has been created around and control, the advocates, the president leading the way, and that's something most people realize that the murder rate in this country has fallen to a 50-year low, the lowest murder rates as 1963. your reaction? >> that is a little bit like the polar bears. you get out there and look at the facts, and sometimes changes the narrative. in terms of the murder rate here in new york city we have seen it for the last 20 years. has been cut by 80 percent of the last 20 years. you look at it. i did a survey, the number of people who have guns is very high. lots of guns in new york city, but they are in the right hands and not the wrong hands. resting lee, when the police are aggressive about finding in the u.n.'s they get a lot of push back from the liberal media and the american civil liberties ion. here you have a flip of the politics nationally where you have a liberal groups
10:38 pm
essentially arguing that the police are too aggressive in taking illegal ones, for did legal ones. so is always a very strange thing when you dig into th facts. lou: and digging into the facts in new york city means that you have to take note of the fact that the democratic registration in this city is 7-1 over everyone else. is not the case around the country. correct to point out stop and frisk which is very successful. but the statistic is so interesting about the low rate. we have a mass media that we did not have 50 years ago. what ends up happening is they sensationalize the mass murder. mass murders could huge coverage. a big emotional component, and you end up with a political impulse to try to do gun control act of it. what we are missing is that the huge majority of these mass
10:39 pm
murders and gun violence crimes are gang-related, and their is a big racial component which no one wants to talk about which is the overwhelming majority or minority and minority crime were gang-related 56 every jesse jackson takes credit call for the president to go to chicago. i have been waiting for that to happen when every talks about control because that is the son town. 506 people killed there. you have all sorts of this is a disgusting and appalling in my opinion refusal on the part of the sub ministration to acknowledge what is happening in chicago where his presence should be robust and part of the solution, but you think? >> the situation in chicago is very, very complicated. i think it does not have as much to do. lou: so simple for this president nationwide. is that the suggestion?
10:40 pm
>> i think the statistics are what they are, and the fact of the matter is, if you are woman and have a gun in your home you are over two and a half times more likely to be murdered than if you don't. now, you may challenge the statistics are not like them, but they are what they are. ray kelly in our effort -- pier city, the police commisoner is a strong advocate of gun construction and control in does not think it is an attack on the second amendment, and added lou: bully for you. and so what. the reality is that most americans, as we just a mistreated in the polls believe in the second amendment. we hold the constitution near and dear to our hearts, next to our hearts. really it is not going to be something that is easy. yet apart being left out of this debate, the millions upon millions upon millions of guns that are distributed throughout this country. it is not a simple thing to sy that you are going to go after assault weapons because those are in the hands of citizens lawfully and would be, i think,
10:41 pm
very difficult proposition altogether to suggest it would be otherwise. western to illegal immigration. the president to take it up tomorrow. now we find out from senator schumer, which he has since recanted but said the person who would trigger the pathway to citizenship would begin in the paula tunnel, the secretary of homeland security. wouldn't that be the same thing as saying that president obama would say that the borders are secure if you want to it would proceed just as he has on his own here with the support of of a bipartisan group of senators? >> that is precisely what they have been saying all along, and that is one of the problems in the border states, that they don't feel that the borders are secure, so you have states like arizona trying to enforce the federal laws that the federal government is not enforcing. so i believe, if you want republicans to sign on to this in the house particularly the president is going to have to show he is really serious about border control.
10:42 pm
and until he does that, i think he's going to have our time, despite the political favor that the republicans want to do here, i think they're going to have a very hard time getting a majority in the house. lou: you were laughing. >> i'm not laughing. i would never left, but the problem is we have done things quietly, not so quietly like double the number of border patrol agents, doing all kinds of things. the real facts are stubborn things. the number of people coming across as wars are declining demand that the republicans coming given what happened -- lou: can we go with the most recent? the world of hillary clinton. let's resort to the most recent tax, which are, according to the general accountability office, the estimation bios, customs, border patrol, the account of illegal evidence entering the country, frankly, by 39 percent according to the gao. they say that all the other
10:43 pm
statistics as well a highly suspect and have been provided by all the relevant agencies, as you say, stubborn things and in this case i'm sure uncomfortable lou: this is true. however, republicans will lead an opportunity at this point to climb on the immigration and wagon given what happened. >> neither side. here's why. president obama has democratic majority's holding the presidency. they're moving out of desperation. lou: you're saying there is no political impact for either party to act against the national interest a long as they accommodate the political interest.
10:44 pm
lou: coming up, the author of what to expect when no one is expecting. the long-term consequences of a lack of american birds. and what we can expect as a result. former aig chairman and ceo on what happened to his company, what happened to wall street, and the country itself. former congressional budget office director among our guests. go to to get the last hour facebook page, twitter, send us an e-mail. up next, senator bob menendez. a little uncomfortable these days. a local editorial board, the most powerful in the state of new jersey, saying they don't know about the fitness to serve when it's involved with underage prostitutes and the unseen in is that surrounds all of that. and i will be taking up the super bowl ads and the senators' activities, the doctors, two of the country'soxicologists next. officemax is celebrating our new collaboration with go daddy!
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♪ lou: psychoanalyze governor robert menendez, at least the scandal. psychotherapist, dr. robert ludwig, a psychologist, dr. jeffrey guard air, great to have you here. >> right to be here. lou: let me start with you. robbie, this is the senator underage prostitutes, interfering on behalf of one of his great patrons and contributors. i mean, this is nasty stuff. even the star legend, the big newspaper in new jersey finally said -- >> when you go to underage prostitutes are thing that says something very different. this was not a love affair. he did not follow up with a woman go behind his left back. you know, this is somebody who is breaking the rules and it shows also a sense of entitlement. i think this is a senator who felt he had friends in high places and that is his right to
10:49 pm
do whatever he wanted. faugh. lou: he certainly has friends in high places. >> he has had to reimburse them. it goes beyond just the power and the privilege. you have seen that a million times for you feel you could get away with these things because you have that money, the office. lou: everybody else is doing it. >> this is a guy who is really stupid. not only was it morally wrong to do this and the kind of position that you are because you have to hold yourself above everyone else, you are an elected official, role model. to do that and nothing that you can get caught and then to be with underage prostitutes, as he said, and then -- lou: legal in the dominican. >> it's legal there, but to not even pay them what they are supposed to have been paid, one even use the term that was paid to -- the term that was used describing that. we can use our imagination.
10:50 pm
to do that, i think speaks of even more terrible character. lou: secret service agents, u.s. senators get involved in these mmercial transactions and then don't live up to the contract. >> and being blackmailed which is a serious problem. lou: the start to wonder what the moral standards are for the country. rare going to be right back with the doctors, and they're going to go through the commercial the real saw last night and tell us what is really going on. there is one in particular -- and not talking about the clydesdales. and talking about the geek and that supermodel and likely -- will be right back. stay with us. ♪ clients are always learning more to make eir money do more. (ann) to help me plan my next move, i take scottrade's free, in-branch seminars... plus, their live webinars. i use daily market commentary to improve my strategy. and my local scottrade office guides my learning
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lou: back with the doctors. i could not wait to talk to you guys about these commercials. and let's start with the one, if we may, that everyone is talking about. that, of course, the clydesdales. let's start with the go-viaticum if we may. this is -- i have not heard anyone who did not not react to this powerfully and emotionally. are we goin to -- oh, my gosh. there is a moment that is approaching. here it is. we will not go into the side effects. doctors, your analysis. >> can break away. >> i think it was brilliant in its simplicity and so shocking because we are so used to seeing beautiful people with the beautiful people. here it was. to people who would never, ever, ever be together in real life sharing this passion a moment it's shocking, and that is why we're all talking about it.
10:55 pm
and it worked. >> legitimacy had to go daddy. they are smart people and beautiful people. >> and they do not get forgotten. it is not like the kiss overshadows go daddy. lou: sanctimonious analysts i have heard today, and i'm not talking about scientific analysts and media types. this is horrible, terrible. meanwhile, they're talki endlessly about go daddy. >> that is why it worked. >> and it is real life because we know yesterday's narrative's today's sexy, and so we are finding out once and for all that men who look like me may not like lou dobbs can actualy meet beautiful women and kiss them. lou: i think it is a little bit hopeful because you're hoping that this male actor will go on to greater -- lou: i just fooled one woman. good enough for me. let's go to kate captain, and i
10:56 pm
think we could call it -- well, a car at. there is the car. >> yes. oh, the woman. lou: this is pretty powerful. >> i'm just going to say this is like soft porn to me, not that i look at it, but there were so many valid images that we're looking at on the screen. what does that look like to you? does not really looked like a car phone, does it? this is to be honest. >> it looks like a little car sex, and as we know, the basic psychoanalysis talks about that the car is actually a replacement for the phallus. lou: how about those with the water coming out and being held. i mean, really. >> that is why you need a ph.d. lou: that strikes u.s. somehow phallic, is that correct? >> yes. lou: what does this strike you as right here? >> stunning, sexy woman. >> and i find myself board because you real, the typical
10:57 pm
stereotype. >> but i love that with the house and the water. >> i look at that and think, well, it must be nice look like that. >> i look at that and say, thanks for the memories. lou: paul harvey and not made a farmer. this is such a departure from everything else for watching. that's role that, if we may. i thought this was extraordinary i love this. not that i did not love the others. >> right. lou: they're not going to love wrote. >> and on the eighth day got look down on his planned paradise and said, need a caretaker, so god made a farmer. god said, need somebody willing to get up before dawn, milk cows , work all day in the field, merck -- milk cows again, eat supper, then go to town and sy all night at the school board meetg, so god made a farmer.
10:58 pm
the seven summit to set with a newborn cold and watch it die and dry his eyes and say maybe next year. -- >> that was amazing. that is what i love about it, a farmer is everyone, man, woman, white mantle of black mee, actually a black man in there as a farmer. and so all of the tax on farmers getting subsidies, welfare class, this is their workers. lou: andreat americans. thank you. thank you. that's it for i'm lorenzo.
10:59 pm
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